Why Bid Harvest

Bid Harvest has been designed to allow a Buyer, typically a hotel owner, hotel operator, restaurant owner or home owner to upload an image or images of the products they need and then broadcast an inquiry to a customizable selection of global suppliers.

Using Bid Harvest, the Buyer sets a product category, selects one or more geographical search locations and then broadcasts an inquiry to Suppliers that fall within the search parameters. Suppliers that meet the search criteria will receive an email notifying them of a bid inquiry. The Supplier will log in and review the details of the inquiry including product specifications, image, quantity, budget and submission deadline. If the Supplier chooses to accept to bid they will proceed to post pricing for one or many items and submit. Through a dashboard view the Buyer will see prices from Suppliers.

Why we created Bid Harvest…

We believe that too many suppliers are missing an opportunity to supply exactly what the client is looking for or to supply products at the right price point, simply because the buyer doesn't know who they are and the suppliers don't know who is looking to buy. 

We want to help the industry by creating more connections and give more suppliers an opportunity to participate in pricing inquiries instead of making sales calls and becoming another business card in a drawer or an expensive catalogue in the library.

The way it works is a buyer, or anyone looking for product, will upload an image/specification and broadcast it. Registered suppliers that fall within the search parameters will receive all inquiries created and sent out, even if the buyer doesn't know them or their brand. Suppliers can then choose to submit a price directly to the buyer who will compare prices and then connect with the supplier of their choice. No middleman! No rebates! No commissions!

Bid Harvest also gives suppliers the opportunity to promote similar alternative products or advertise immediate stock availability.

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