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Joe is the purchasing manager for a hotel. The hotel that he works at is in need of some new dining chairs. Joe works with an interior designer to select a chair and fabric for their restaurant. With a budget in mind and the specification information in hand, Joe visits the Bid Harvest website, creates his project, uploads the chair specification, sets the product category and selects the city and/or country that he wishes to source from. After setting the budget and the delivery date, Joe broadcasts his inquiry to all the suppliers that fall within his search parameters.

After broadcasting his inquiry, Joe uses his dashboard to monitor statistics that allow him to see the number of suppliers that have been invited to submit a quotation, the number that have viewed the inquiry, bid on the inquiry or declined to quote.

Once the inquiry deadline passes, Joe uses his Bid Harvest project page to view an unlimited number of prices received. When he finds an attractive price and a good score, he reviews company data, gains access to reference info and reviews and chooses one or more suppliers to connect with.

Bid Harvest is free for buyers who choose to view the details of up to 5 suppliers. For a list of features and prices, see below:

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*View Credits

For each inquiry broadcast through the system, a buyer get 5 view credits to unlock Supplier Profiles.  1 View Credit = 1 Supplier Profile.

Additional View Credits are available, please email us to inquire.

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Mary is a sales person for a chair manufacturing company. Her job is to find customers in the hospitality industry that are looking to buy chairs. Mary spends money on taking existing customers out for lunch and makes international trips to promote the company. Mary visits old customers and some new prospects and hands out expensive, flashy catalogues in the hope that she will receive price inquiries…

One day, Mary discovers Bid Harvest and signs up at no cost, becomes a subscriber. As a subscriber, Mary receives inquiries from buyers that use Bid Harvest to broadcast their inquiries.  Mary receives an unlimited number of inquiries including details such as project location, delivery time, budget and product specifics. Mary selects the inquiries that match the products that the company can supply, posts her price and waits for the buyers to connect with her.

No middleman, no commissions and no rebates.

In addition to receiving product inquiries, Bid Harvest provides a report showing high, low and average prices per package.

For a list of features and prices, see below:

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*Featured Supplier

Each month or so, we feature three or so of our valued Suppliers, to better inform Buyers of the unique products they offer.

This includes a feature on our homepage and your answers to 10 fun questions, that let Buyers know a little more about your company.

This info will also be promoted through social media.

No extra cost no hidden fees.

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