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Get to know us..

Headquarters: Beirut, Lebanon

Product Category: Lighting

1.    What is the origin of your company name?  

Orfelia is a light-emitting worm that lives in caves -mainly in New-Zealand- and that cast a magical blue/green light on the caves. 
2.    What are you best known for?  

Bespoke handmade lighting is our specialty; what differentiate us from others is that we work with a very wide array of different materials -concrete, plaster, blown glass, wood, brass, paper, fabric etc. and are willing to create exclusive designs for specific projects.
3.    What is the first product you ever produced?

The first lamp we ever produced was ‘La Fleur’, a lamp made of brass and wood.

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4.    Most successful product that you have ever produced?  

Other than ‘La Fleur’, our blown glass on marble lamp is one of our favorite designs.

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5.    If you could change anything in your industry, what would it be?  

Collaborating with artisans in the countries we export to, so as to be able to assemble locally and hence decrease shipping costs.
6.    What latest innovative product in your industry, are you most excited about? 

The amazing new LED light sources that are being developed.
7.    Red or Yellow?  

Red and Yellow!

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