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Get to know us..

Headquarters: Semarang, Indonesia

Product Category: Outdoor Furniture

1.    What is the origin of your company name?  

Chantique is an Indonesia name that means beautiful. Inti means centre. Décor means decoration.
2.    What are you best known for?  

Metal furniture.
3.    What is the first product you ever produced?

Aluminum furniture with rattan synthetic weaving.

4.    Most successful product that you have ever produced?  

All are successful!
5.    If you could change anything in your industry, what would it be?  

Nothing, we want to exist with metal furniture in high end market.
6.    What latest innovative product in your industry, are you most excited about? 

We can make aluminum frames look like bamboo/teak/rattan finishing.
7.    If your company had a theme song, what would the title be – and why?

We are the Champions by Queen :). Yes, because we want to be the champion/leader in the metal furniture industry.
8.    If a movie was made of your organisation, which movie character would best represent your CEO?

9.    If you have to choose an animal to best describe your company, what would it be?  

Lion King
10.    Red or Yellow?  

I prefer yellow as the sun shining us all the way :)

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