About Us

Bid Harvest is making sourcing more transparent, fair and easy one inquiry at a time.

Why we do it

With more than 20 years in the hospitality procurement industry, we have been both the Supplier and the Buyer.  
Buyers spend countless hours searching for the right product at the right price and are mostly limited by the number of known suppliers. Suppliers spend much time, effort, costly sales calls and handing glossy catalogues, only to be left off bid lists. 
Bid Harvest is offering both, infinite sourcing opportunities. Buyers have greater access to a global supply source and Suppliers have greater opportunities to directly price to Buyers.

No middlemen, no commission and no rebates.

Our values


For Suppliers


For Buyers


For All

Our goal
..to enable Buyers and Suppliers with what matters most to their business — the opportunity to connect.

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