About Scoring

Why Scoring

A score is used to measure the amount of information on a Supplier's profile.

Light bulbs are used to show this score. Each light bulb represents a specific category of information. An illuminated light bulb indicates that information has been provided.

Buyers can use the score to identify those Suppliers that have provided a lot of information about the company.

Suppliers with a high score and a good price are more likely to be noticed.

What will be scored

1.    Basic Info
The least amount of data required to register with Bid Harvest. Without this information, you won’t receive inquiries.

2.    Company Data
Information about the size of your company and the management systems used. 

3.    Company Profile
A detailed company document that provides information such as company history, vision, mission statement, staffing, product details and project references.

4.    Project References
The name and contact details of previous customers that are willing and able to comment on your products and service. 

5.    Reviews
Comments made by registered Buyers on the ability and performance of a Supplier.

How will scoring work

1.    Basic info
To switch the 1st light bulb on, complete all required fields.

2.    Company Data
To switch the 2nd light bulb on, complete all required fields.

3.    Company Profile
To switch the 3rd light bulb on, upload a company profile document.

4.    Project References
To switch the 4th light bulb on, provide the name and contact details of 3 previous clients (these people must be willing to receive reference requests).

5.    Reviews
To switch the 5th light bulb on, ask any 3 Buyers that you interact with to comment on your performance.

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